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a luxurious multi-tasking non-greasy oil that works to repair skin, moisturize the skin as wel as giving the skin a bright and healthy glow . Filled with lots of skin loving oils it offers high hydration levels, leaving skin soft and glossy. Glow Oil helps decrease the appearance of roughness, wrinkles and prevents damage from environmental elements. This multi-functional oil also helps to improve elasticity and promote healing of damaged skin, making it perfect for application on sun burnt or wind exposed skin. Glow Oil contains citrus essences to revive the mood, lift the spirits and sharpen the senses. Avocado and Sesame seed oils hydrate and detoxify the skin. Apply the oil to dry skin or add to your tub to refresh and renew your state of mind.


Shelf life 6 months – 1 year

Ingredients ;  , Carrot oil , Grape seed oil , Lavender oil , Rose hip oil , Shea butter , Lemon oil , Shea oil . Jojoba oil


  • Uplifting bath and body oil with a zesty, fresh citrus fragrance
  • A rich blend of botanical and essential oils
  • Softens and hydrates dry, tired skin
  • Soothes a variety of skin irritations
  • Daily use will promote an appearance of healthy, calm, vibrant skin
  • makes scars, spots and wrinkles less noticeable,

Suitable for dry skin, oily skin , combination skin , normal skin, sensitive skin


Apply few drops into your palms and gently moisturize the face and body.

A little goes a long way

Should be used after bath time


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