About Us

Taraami Organics was born as a result of various skincare concerns that our founder Oluwafeeni Kuboye was facing while growing up . One of the most important roadblocks she was facing was creating natural products which didn’t cause skin reactions and were healing the skin, this was when Taraami was born

Taraami which means “ my body “ in Yoruba Language which invites you to indulge the use simple of handmade beauty secrets that have been passed on from  generations to us to help us beautify our skin and replenish our skin’s nutrients. Here at Taraami we believe in clean , simple skincare solutions to help solve the skincare concerns of an everyday woman.

100% black owned we fully incorporate the use of clean natural ingredients that have been produced locally rich in ingredients and made in small fresh batches to cater for your skin. At Taraami we have worked to create easy skincare regimens that are simple and natural from Africa and have been passed down for various generations to keep your body as well as your skin pure , clean and glowing.