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Made from a blend of natural earth clay and tea tree extracts . Soothing and calming face mask The beauty clay is used to help detox the skin from all the negative toxins which opens up it’s pores and allows better penetration for the other products. A combination of this earth clays which are still in their most natural state when applied on the skin gives the skin a fantastic feeling and it is very beneficial to the skin



Shelf life 6months – 1year

Ingredients ; Grape seed oil , bentonite clay , kaolin clay , tea tree extracts



  • Detoxifies & Purifies the Skin
  • improves improved circulation and overall healthier skin.
  • Unclogs and Shrinks Skin Pores
  • Clay pulls out toxins out of the skin’s pores
  • Regulates Sebum Production
  • Softer, Smoother & Glowing Skin
  • Rejuvenates & Regenerates the Skin 
  • Improves Skin Tone 
  • It’s Completely Natural

Suitable for dry skin, oily skin , combination skin , normal skin, sensitive skin


Uses –

Wet the face

Take one spoon of beauty mask and one spoon of water

Mix the combination till it becomes a paste

Apply evenly to skin using a facial brush

Wait till it is dry for about 15 minutes

Rinse off thoroughly with water only

Moisturize afterwards

Should be used two – three times a week at night only.

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